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Wall Decal

  • Why wall decals?

    Here are a few great reasons. Wall decals are a really easy way to decorate your home, or a room in your home, without damaging any walls!  All are super easy to apply and they don’t cost a fortune. They're perfect if you need a change of scenery, are feeling inspired or just want something fresh and new.  Our wall decals are awesome for perking up any room without causing damage….to the walls or to your bank account! 

    Label Daddy is not responsible for any damages the product may cause. 

  • I rent so I can’t use wall decals, right?

    Wrong!  That’s the beautiful part…well, besides how literally adorable they are.  They’re not permanent!  Meaning….you can remove them when it’s time to move!  As long as the walls were in good condition before applying the wall decals, they shouldn’t damage the paint.  If the walls are bubbly or lifting before you apply the wall decals, some paint may come off if you try to remove the wall decal, so please test in a discrete area first before applying an entire wall of beautiful decals!

  • Can I stick these anywhere?

    Almost. Our wall decals will stick to any wall or hard surface as long as it is smooth and not super porous (like stucco or heavy orange peel textured walls).  Heavy textured walls create pockets of air in between the adhesive and the wall which prevents it from being able to properly grip the surface of the wall.  We do not recommend wall decals for outdoor use on surfaces such as brick or stucco or wood fencing.Label Daddy is not responsible if graphics applied to a bumpy texture do not stick.

  • I just painted my wall, will I be able to use the wall decals?

    Sort of. Please allow at least 30 days on newly painted surfaces. The wall should be completely dry…like, COMPLETELY DRY.  If the paint isn’t completely dry and you try to remove the wall decal, it might peel some of the paint off.  Also, some of the new Low-VOC eggshell paints might contain small amounts of silicone which may interfere with anything sticky on your walls. You can always test your wall with a simple piece of masking tape; if it sticks, then our decals will too.

  • Can I put the wall decals in a bathroom?

    Yes! As long as you keep them out of direct contact with water, our fabric decals and vinyl decals are perfect for bathroom and kitchen use. The stickers can be applied to mirrors, glass surfaces and tiles. Just remember that our stickers need to be applied on dry surfaces; therefore, do not shower at least 3 hours before applying the stickers. Once applied wait at least 3 hours before taking a shower.

  • Do I need to prep my wall before applying the decals?

    It’s always helpful, but not mandatory.  Use a warm, damp lint free cloth or sponge to clean the wall surface or window and allow it to completely dry before applying your decal. Also, make sure all previous cleaning solutions are gone.

  • Do I have to install the wall decal right away?

    We recommend installing the decal within a couple months of purchase. Some variables, such as temperature or light, may affect the properties of the application tape that is on top of the vinyl, making it harder to apply later. If you plan on waiting, it’s best to store the decals in a cool, dark and dry place until application.

  • Can I reuse my wall decals?

    Well, that depends?  If you’re applying the vinyl wall decals using transfer tape….no, the vinyl decals are not reusable.  They are absolutely removable…but not reusable.  If you are applying the fabric wall decals….YES YES YES….the fabric wall decals are completely reusable!   You may remove them and place them in a new location…no problem!

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