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Labeling for Preschool Read More

Labeling for Preschool

Preschool is such an exciting time for families! But along with preschool, comes a lot of big changes. New items are coming into the home, and items are leaving the home. Label Daddy to the rescue! Here are a few tips to help you get your little one prepped with name labels for preschool.

Keeping Kids Organized With Personalized Name Labels Read More

Keeping Kids Organized With Personalized Name Labels

At Label Daddy we are all about helping you get organized and making life easier. Labels can also be a huge asset for kids who are learning organization skills and responsibility. You can set them up for success by labeling all the key items that they might lose track of. Label Daddy has you covered!

Why Parents Love Personalized Name Labels Read More

Why Parents Love Personalized Name Labels

Parenting can be a juggling act, most parents have become masters at multitasking. From making sure homework is completed to managing multiple activity schedules; we love finding ways to make life easier and more streamlined. Label Daddy is here to help! Here are some reasons to label!

School Fundraising Tips Read More

School Fundraising Tips

Planning a successful fundraiser for your PTA can be a bit overwhelming. Not only are there so many options to choose from but also a lot of work involved. Check out these school fundraising tips that will help make your PTA fundraiser a success as well as keep you from making common mistakes.

Back to School Hacks for Parents Read More

Back to School Hacks for Parents

Back to school hacks for parents It’s back to school time and you know what that means. Time to pick up school supplies and start setting that alarm clock earlier again. From social anxiety, to organizing all the supplies, it can be stressful. We hear you mama. We have some...

Top Label Uses for School Read More

Top Label Uses for School

 Our personalized name labels are the perfect solution to keep your kids items out of the lost and found. If you are curious about all the fun and practical uses for school labeling, read more below.  1. X-Small Labels Our most popular label size for labeling kid's clothing items. These washable labels...

Ultimate Camping List Read More

Ultimate Camping List

Getting ready to send your camper to summer camp? Check out our Ultimate Camp Packing List with the top fun products for camp!

Top Camp Label Uses Read More

Top Camp Label Uses

The #1 camp rule: label everything! If you want to see it come home after camp, label it. Here are our top label packs and label uses for camp!



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