Personalized Stick On Clothing Labels for Your Kids

Need a way to ensure that your kids can keep track of their shoes, jackets, or hats? Looking to help your young athlete pick their jersey out from the rest of their team? Label Daddy’s colorful, customized clothing labels are the high-quality solution you are looking for. Our products are designed with parents in mind, whether you require them for the classroom or the sports field.

Stick On Clothing Labels for Every Occasion

Your kids are full of energy and incredibly active, whether in rain, sun, or snow. All of our kids clothing labels are designed with this lifestyle in mind. Our stickers are incredibly durable and waterproof, making them resistant to the elements and fully machine washable. Our designs come in a range of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes, ensuring that you will find a design that’s a perfect fit for every outfit in your child’s closet. We also carry specialty designs, such as a senior label pack for your loved ones at the nursing home, shoe labels for all of your children’s footwear, and zipper tags for jackets of all shapes and sizes.

Your Fantastic Label Solution is a Click Away

When it comes to name labels for clothes, Label Daddy is your best choice. You will appreciate the savings to your wallet, while your kids will appreciate being able to find their favorite jacket on the school coat-rack. Simply pick your preferred labels from our online store and send in your order today. For further questions, you can also contact us via our online form.