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If you want your pantry to stay organized, pantry stickers are key and an essential and effective solution to your pantry organizational woes. 

We know it doesn’t take long for a kitchen pantry to become a mess. Between the early morning rush, the after-school snack flurry, and the late-night snack rummage, it’s no wonder how the pantry becomes an unorganized, disheveled disaster.

Once people grab what they want, the unwanted items rarely get put back where they belong — unless you have highly trained and well-behaved children and other family members. If that’s the case, please tell us your secret? But if your family is like most, you understand the never-ending pantry cycle.

The good news is there is a fairly simple way to regain control over your kitchen and restore order where it once was! By implementing the following ten tips, you can enjoy the pantry organization process and keep your space looking and functioning well for days, weeks, and even months!

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10 Tips for Pantry Organization

1. Empty and Purge Before Anything Else

Before anything gets better, it usually has to get a little worse. And that’s okay, and it’s totally worth it! The most effective way to truly declutter and organize your pantry is to remove everything. Yes, this will likely be a multi-hour or whole-day event, but it should not take much more than that.

First, you’ll want to look at expiration dates. Anything that has expired goes right into the trash. If you can’t find a clear expiration date, throw it out. And if it is open, but you don’t remember how long you’ve had it, toss it.

If you have any items in your pantry that you don’t use, donate or get rid of those as well. Not a fan of the new protein powder you tried one scoop of? Offer it to your family, friends, or neighbors. Not sure what to do with the snacks your kids didn’t eat? Give them to someone you know can make use of them.

Once your pantry is empty and the expired or unused items are removed, you can clean the space so you can begin effectively organizing your space.

2. Always Opt for Transparency

Being transparent is always best, and this sentiment includes the organizational containers in your pantry. We know purchasing matte gray canisters, glazed jars, or something else opaque may be tempting. But sticking with clear bins and containers as much as possible is best. 

If we’re being transparent, a transparent bin lets you see your supplies and quickly note what is still in stock versus what’s running low. Moreover, clear bins are easier to mix and match, making your space look more uniform. You won’t have to worry about buying the same brand of canisters if you want a cohesive look; it all looks similar enough.

We hope we’ve made our point crystal clear.

3. It’s All About the Stack

Every single square inch of your pantry space matters and can be utilized. So, unless you have moveable shelves to accommodate the various items in your pantry, you’ll need ways to make the most of your space. In comes stackable containers. Take measurements of your pantry shelves, how wide, how deep, and how tall they are, so you know precisely the amount of space you’re working with.

Find organizational units that allow you to stack. Whether they fit together or you purchase an option meant to stack and click together, there are countless options to make the most of the space you have.

4. Utilize the Doors

Doors are an open door for more functional space, so make use of them! If your pantry has a door, consider hanging an organizer for more items, such as additional canned goods, spices, snacks, jars, and more.

Consider adding a wall-mount broom and mop holder to the hidden inside part of the door so you can easily access your broom, mops, dusters, and more for quick and effective cleanups.

5. Make Use of Wall Space

On a similar note to the section above, if you want to use every bit of space, make sure to use wall space to help organize your items. Hooks are perfect for holding non-food items such as aprons and reusable grocery bags. 
You may also consider hanging a wall-mounted grocery or garbage bag dispenser to make these bags easily accessible with just one hand. 

6. Functionality Matters

The functionality and usability of the organizers you select must make sense for the entire household. Unless they are easy to use (read: open, restock, access, etc.), your family probably won’t be able or willing to keep the space tidy. If children are accessing your pantry, certain containers won’t make sense while others will.

For young hands, select bins with large openings or containers with easy-to-use flip-up or pop-open lids. If you have old kids and teens, you can opt for containers with screw tops or locking lids to enjoy an airtight seal on your goodies.

7. Group Like Items Together

For fast and effective use of your pantry, it’s best to store items with each other. For instance, all canned goods go together; cereals should be stacked next to one another; gather snacks to go in one area, etc.

If you’re short on space, consider using cute canisters that can live on your countertop. For example, your flour, sugar, and brown sugar could get stored in clear glass jars and used as decor. Or, maybe feature various pasta shapes on your counter.

8. Make a Child-Friendly Area 

We understand if you don’t want your younger children accessing the major parts of your pantry! But you may consider making a dedicated spot where your littles can access.

At this young age, independence and autonomy are everything to a kid. Helping them take charge wherever and whenever they can allows them to flourish. And a child-friendly area in your pantry can check off the box.

Add a few open bins on a lower shelf where they can easily access snacks. Using bins with built-in dividers will allow you to offer a variety of healthy snacks. Visibility is key, especially when dealing with kids and organization. If they can see it (and easily access it), it’s much more likely to stay organized.

9. Add Shelf Liners to Wire Shelves

Wire shelves? No Problem! It is not uncommon for the pantry to feature wire shelves. While durable and customizable, wire shelves are not functional since food items can easily fall or slip through the spaces between wires. The good news is this is easily fixable.

Adding shelf liners can help prevent boxes from tipping over and produce from falling through. Liners will also keep your wet ingredients (oils, condiments, etc.) from slipping off the shelves or spilling on the items or floor below.

10. Labels for Pantry Baskets and Other Containers

Using labels for pantry baskets, jars, and other containers is key for an organized space. Label your bins, shelves, and anything else you can. This way, every household member knows where to find certain items and where to put away things. 

Some people opt for a label maker for their labeling needs. But if you want to personalize your pantry and take it to the next level, making your life much easier, consider labels for pantry items from Label Daddy. 

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