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4 Rental-Friendly Wall Decor Ideas To Elevate Your Living Space

Personalizing a rental has its challenges, but there are multiple creative, rental-friendly wall decor ideas to transform your space. 

Many landlords have strict rules surrounding painting the walls or hanging up decorations. If this describes your current living situation, we have you covered!

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you have to live in a drab, lifeless space. Here are four rental-friendly DIYs and wall décor solutions that will elevate your living space without jeopardizing your security deposit.

Take your rental to the next level and make it feel like home. 

1. Have Fun With Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why! It makes for an excellent rental-friendly wall décor solution. Peel-and-stick wallpapers are a simple way to bring life into a space and make it feel substantially different.

Some options tend to err on the pricier side, so we recommend using a fun wallpaper design as an accent wall or even on the ceiling! 

The color and pattern options for removable wallpaper are limitless, but if you don’t want a pattern, look for papers with a unique texture instead.

1. Have Fun With Removable Wallpaper


Temporary wallpaper is straightforward to apply and even easier to remove. Each manufacturer’s directions will vary slightly, but here are some general instructions for how to decorate a rental with peel-and-stick wallpaper.

  • Step 1: Calculate the amount of wallpaper you’ll need.
  • Step 2: Prepare the surface using a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. Wipe the walls clean and wait for them to dry completely. Remove any outlet or light switch covers.
  • Step 3: Mark the dimensions of your wallpaper sheets using a straight edge.
  • Step 4: Cut the wallpaper into manageable sections and begin hanging from the top of the wall. Press down as you slowly remove the backing. Using a plastic smoother will help decrease air bubbles and make the process much easier.
  • Step 5: Once your first piece is applied, use that as a reference point to continue hanging the remaining sections. Match the patterns up to ensure a seamless look.
  • Step 6: Cut and trim any excess edges or around outlets and light switches.
  • Step 7: Smooth out any remaining air bubbles and return any outlet or light switch covers.

When it’s time to remove the wallpaper, use a small blade or tool to get under the corner of the wallpaper and lift steadily until a decent section is peeled off. This will allow you to grab it and pull downward until the sheet comes off.

2. Temporary Wall Decals

Temporary wall decals are a rental-friendly DIY that won’t compromise your security deposit. These adhesive stickers act similarly to peel-and-stick wallpaper in their application and removal.

Even if your rental allows paint, investing in temporary decals is much more efficient as they only take a few minutes to apply. Removable wall decals come in several shapes, sizes, and designs, adding life to any room of the house.

2. Temporary Wall Decals

Here’s how to decorate a rental using wall decals:

  • Name decals: Displaying your child’s name is a popular way to add the finishing touch to their room or nursery. These cute letters are often placed above the bed or crib to add personal flair to the space.
  • Peel-and-stick quotes: Quotes are another common use for temporary wall decals. The right quote can add life to any room, whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, or game room. Displaying your favorite quote on the wall is a great compromise for paint or other permanent décor choices.
  • Removable wall patterns: Perhaps the most popular use of wall decals are simple shapes and patterns. This rental-friendly DIY makes it easy to stylize any room or living space. You can add polka dots to a child’s room, flowers to a bathroom accent wall, or small triangles to a dorm. No matter your style, the wall of your dreams is achievable through removable decals.

3. Play It Safe With Adhesive Hooks or Strips

If you’re wondering how to decorate a rental without upsetting your landlord, run to the nearest household store and pick up some adhesive hooks or strips. These handy tools allow you to hang almost anything without nails or drilling holes.

Hooks for hanging curtains? You got it! Creating your dream gallery wall? No problem! Adhesive strips and hooks come off without leaving any permanent residue, making them perfect for renters.

Here's how to use adhesives to hang your decorations:

  • Step 1: Prepare the surface by cleaning it with a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. Make sure the area is completely dry before placing your adhesives.
  • Step 2: Remove the protective backing, revealing the sticky side.
  • Step 3: Press your adhesive firmly against the wall and hold for at least 10 seconds.
  • Step 4: Allow the adhesive to cure for at least two hours before hanging anything from it.

4. Enhance Your Home With Wall Tapestries

Wall tapestries are a versatile and beautiful way to enhance your rental without stressing your landlord. They can add color, texture, and personality to your space, transforming it into a cozy and appealing environment.

Tapestries used as a centerpiece or accent above a bed, couch, dresser, or desk make great variety and texture in a room. You can use adhesive hooks to hang wall tapestries to keep your walls free from holes and dings.

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