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The Reasons Why Kids Lose Things and How to Help

Do you have a child or multiple children who always seem to lose things? As a parent, this can be frustrating since you constantly have to look for things or buy new items to replace the lost ones. However, it’s important to know your child isn’t alone in having this characteristic, and it is very common for school-aged kids to lose things frequently. The good news is there are some solutions to help your child get better, and it will require a little patience and creativity on your part as well.

Kids Have Different Priorities Than Adults

The main reason why kids lose things so often is because they don’t prioritize organization as much as adults. They have other things on their minds rather than putting away their notebook, shoes, jacket, and the list goes on. And as a result, the item could accidentally get picked up by another kid or go missing in other ways. Investing in personalized name labels for school can increase the chances of getting their items back when they go missing, but it may not be the full solution to eliminating your child’s habit of losing things.

Talk To Your Kids About The Importance Of Remembering Things

Kids don’t usually react well when parents tell them to “stop losing things.” They know what this means, but they don’t know how to make it a reality. Talking with them about the importance of keeping items that belong to them and focusing on prioritizing high importance items is a good place to start. Things like school labels with different colors can help them understand priorities. For example, their homework folders may have red school labels to indicate a high priority item. But their pencil may have a blue label indicating a lower priority item since you may have extras at home.

Come Up With Solutions Together

When you come up with solutions together with your child, you’ll increase the chances of it being more effective. If you decide to go with color-coded school labels, let them choose which colors are the highest priority, but you tell them which items the labels should go on. And if your child goes to camp periodically, sleepaway camp labels can make them feel important with their name on various items and ensure they return home after a weekend trip. The more you involve your child with decisions like this, the more likely they are to understand what they should and shouldn’t do. Having an organized kid may not happen overnight, but if you’re patient and persistent, you can slowly work toward helping them.

Label Daddy offers a wide selection of personalized labels that can be used for various applications. If you constantly have to buy new school supplies for your child because they lose them, then personalized name labels for school can be a fun way to help them be organized. Kids forget or lose things often, but many times a simple solution is available. Simply get them involved in the process, and if you have any questions about how to label certain items, contact us at any time.

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