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Name Labels Do More Than Just Say a Name

These days, with lost and found boxes overflowing with backpacks, lunch boxes, and many other items, schools are encouraging more parents to begin using school labels to mark their children’s items. However, school name labels can be useful for far more than simply letting teachers and staff know whether a backpack belongs to Billy or Timmy without deeper investigation. There are many other things that kids labels for school can be useful for, which is why more parents than ever are making sure they pick them up as an essential part of their kids’ school supply checklist. Here are some reasons you may want to consider ordering school labels as you send your child back to the classroom. 

Labels are a Real Timesaver

You’ve already considered that kids’ labels for school keep things from getting lost permanently, but don’t forget how easy it is for kids to mix things up in crowded lunchrooms and lockers. That’s especially true considering how often kids end up purchasing similar—or the same—items, which can lead to a lot of confusion when it comes time to pack up and go. That’s why having school name labels makes it a lot easier for children to find their things once they need to get organized, whether it’s time to find a box of pencils or crayons from the shelf or they need to get their lunch bag when it’s time to eat. 

Labels Teach Children Responsibility

Even the youngest children should begin learning the basics of how to be responsible. While the littlest of littles may not be ready to tackle big challenges, most of them can read their names and keep up with items labeled with their names. That’s why using school labels can be a great way to introduce them to the basics of responsibility, allowing them to keep up with basic items throughout the school day. 

Labels Can Provide Important Information

Besides including basic information such as a child’s name, school labels can also be personalized with important additional information such as medical details a teacher may need to know. This can include whether a child is epileptic or diabetic and needs to avoid flashing lights or has rescue medication or whether a child has allergies. Having these labels displayed prominently can avoid potential accidents that can occur. If the child’s regular teacher is not working and a substitute teacher is spending the day with a child, the label will ensure they see these vital details.

There are many things labels can do for your child beyond simply making sure they don’t lose their important items. Come to Label Daddy to buy kids labels for school, and you can have them personalized in a variety of ways to suit you and your child’s precise needs.

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