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Planning a successful fundraiser for your PTA can be a bit overwhelming. Not only are there so many options to choose from but also a lot of work involved. While many PTA moms dream of magically having enough in the expense account, that usually doesn’t happen without some ingenuity and planning. Check out these school fundraising tips that will help make your PTA fundraiser a success as well as keep you from making common mistakes:

Always Plan Ahead

Many PTA gurus out there suggest to plan fundraisers about six months in advance. While this is not required for every profitable fundraiser, giving yourself enough time will help it run smoothly.  Have a clear plan of how you will work around other major school events and schedule a fundraiser when nothing else is going on.

 Overwhelming parents with too many options at the same time can be a big mistake that many PTA groups make. Working fundraising options around significant holidays can help boost sales (think Christmas gifts!) if timed correctly.

Be Picky About Products

While partnering up with a product for a fundraiser is a great option, it can be easy to want to do the first catalog that comes across your desk. Stay away from junk and make sure that the product that you sell is something that you would purchase yourself.  While cheaper products may have a higher 50% profit margin, it can be harder to reach your fundraising goals with only a few cents profit per sale.
Choosing a higher priced product that has a 30% profit margin means that each child only needs to sell a few to reach the overall goal. When you plan ahead, you can test out a few different kinds of products before choosing one. Remember that too many products can overwhelm your audience as well. Give your customers a good variety with items you have specifically hand picked for your school. Choosing the right products for your school’s demographics is vital to making the most of your efforts.

Market Your Fundraiser

Once you choose a fundraiser that is a good fit for your group, your first task is to market it well. Set a date on when your fundraiser will start and end so that everyone is well aware of what is going on. Get kids excited about the fundraiser by holding an assembly and giving out some free product to help showcase what you will be selling. Display some sample products that parents can touch and see before your event to help boost sales.
Communication and marketing go hand in hand when it comes to running a profitable fundraiser. Letting parents know about your goals before the fundraiser starts gives them enough time to prepare. Make sure to talk about your fundraiser before, during, and after the event. Flyers sent home, freebies stapled to product packets, and prizes can motivate younger students for your fundraiser. Remember to add social media and emails to your marketing efforts to help remind parents of important dates and highlight specific products.

Set Reasonable Goals

Every fundraiser should have a total sales goal that is attainable. Requiring each student to sell hundreds of dollars worth of product may do more harm than good. Set a reasonable goal for each student that is recommended to reach your sales goal. Create different tiers of sales goals that earn different prizes at the end of the fundraiser to generate support.
Fundraisers working towards a big goal, like new playground equipment or added technology, creates extra excitement that can help rally both students and parents around your target goal. Make sure that not only parents know about your goals, but also teachers and staff who could help remind students during your fundraising campaign.

Running a profitable fundraiser can be a bit tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! Remember to plan and communicate well to get the buzz going about your event. Choose products that you would buy yourself and set goals that will help keep everyone on track. Integrate all of these school fundraising tips to make the most out of your fundraiser this year.

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