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Back to school hacks for parents

It’s back to school time and you know what that means. Time to pick up school supplies and start setting that alarm clock earlier again. From social anxiety, to organizing all the supplies, it can be stressful. We hear you mama. We have some practical back to school tips from parents who know, to help make this year an easy transition.

Managing Screen Time

This is hard all year round but especially at back to school time. Check out for tips on how to manage screen time and parental controls on different kinds of devices. You can read all their hacks here.

Create a Homework Station

 We loved this idea by WhatMomsLove to create a space for your kids to focus on homework. Having a place to work not only encourages good study habits but it also improves workflow. By working at a desk and not on their lap or the couch kids are less likely to get distracted and it can even improve their handwriting.

Make a Plan for Mornings

 There is an easy hack for getting them all dressed and out the door on time. Buy a Day of the Week hanging Clothes Rack. Before the start of the week have your child place a full outfit in each cubby. Shirts, shorts, undies, accessories, hair bows, socks, everything. No more diving into the laundry pile.  

Meal Planning

 Meal planning can take a lot of stress out of a busy week. You don’t have to prep extravagant or fancy meals. In fact there are a ton of tools to make it easy for you already. Check out Mealime for for tips and tricks. It’s an app that helps you find recipes, stores a grocery list and can even help save you money.

Build a Command Center

This is a game changer. Especially if you have more than one child in school. APumpkinandAPrincess explains a creative solution to deal with all the papers that come with back to school time. You’ll never have a lot permission slip again! (She also has some great tips for organizing all those snacks and creating easy breakfasts for busy school mornings).

Label Everything

At Label Daddy, We make custom name labels that you can design. No more mix-ups or lost stuff at school. Not only that but our personalized labels are microwave, dishwasher, and washing machine safe. Think about all the sports equipment, school supplies, and lunch boxes that you have purchased that have ended up in lost in found over the years. Adds up right? One trip to Label Daddy eliminates that Lost stuff.  

Back to school is a big transition, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. We hope these hacks make your back to school a little less frantic and a little more enjoyable. From all of us here, we’re wishing you an easy transition. Do you have an incredible back to school hack that other parents need to hear? Drop us a comment, we love hearing from you!

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