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How to Have a Successful Remote Learning Experience

How to Have a Successful Remote Learning Experience

It’s time for our little ones to head back to school! However, for many of us, “back to school” means something a little bit different this year. That can be more than a little intimidating, especially if it’s your first experience with remote learning. Those of us who are used to preparing our kids with new backpacks, crayons, school label stickers, and etiquette lessons (please remember to say please this year) now have to prepare for school in a way that we aren’t entirely used to. Fortunately, remembering just a few helpful tips can lead our kids to a successful remote learning experience and make sure that they’re on the right track when they finally get the chance to head back to the classroom.

1. Create an Environment that Promotes Learning

Among the most challenging aspects of remote learning is all the distractions that come along with being at home. Even the most focused child can find it challenging to pay attention to a Zoom classroom or sit down and do their homework if they don’t have a comfortable place to sit down and get to work. Create a space for your child to sit down and accomplish their tasks at a table or desk and limit their access to any toys or games. School label stickers can even be used to personalize this space for your child. Additionally, try and cut down on background noise that could draw their attention away from what they are doing. If cutting down on background noise isn’t possible, using noise-canceling headphones and playing some calming music can also be a great choice.

2. Create Goals With Your Child

It’s only natural that right now, you might feel like your life is a little bit out of control. Things are like that for all of us, your child included. That’s why sitting down to set some goals with your child when it comes to their learning can be a productive experience for the both of you. Goals for a child can include getting to the Zoom classroom on time every day, asking questions in the classroom, or getting all of their homework done. One great way to keep track of a child’s goals is with personalized name labels for school, which can be attached to a chart to track a child’s progress.

3. Keep Track of Supplies

Let’s face it—keeping track of our children’s school supplies is never an easy task. School name labels are a great way to keep our kids from losing backpacks, tablets, and the various other items that travel with them when they head to school each day. It’s important to note that not all children participating in remote learning are spending all of their time at home. Many are still heading to the classroom for at least part of their day. Others will take their items with them as they leave the house, whether it is to go to work with mom and dad or to visit classmates and study at their place. With personalized name labels for school, you can be sure that even if an item is misplaced, it gets back to your child quickly so they can continue to learn. After all, times are hectic enough. The last thing any of us need is to make remote learning even more difficult due to missing items!

Are you looking to help lead your child to success this school year? Whether sending them to the classroom or working with remote learning, you can buy our personalized name labels for school to make things just a little easier here at Label Daddy!

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