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How to Have a Calmer, More Organized Fall

After a summer spent wrangling your kids and then getting them ready for school, perhaps using school labels can make things a little easier. However, getting R&R can be a little bit more difficult than you might think, especially with everything you need to do when it comes to keeping track of school projects, field trips, and making sure homework is getting done on time—and that’s just getting started. Fortunately, a few tips can help keep you organized, and sane, during the fall season.

Store Away Out-of-Season Items

If you’ve begun to notice your home is getting a little bit cluttered, it’s probably time to sit back and take stock of what you really need right now. While you don’t have to throw everything away, now is a good time to put away anything you won’t use until next spring or summer. For example, now may be the right time to stash your beach tote, insect repellant, and your kids’ water guns in a labeled storage bin. Likewise, you can use personalized name labels for school to mark seasonal clothing items when you put them away, allowing you to make more room in your kids’ closets. This can be especially important since cold-weather clothing items like sweaters and jackets tend to take up more space. 

Get Rid of the Things You Didn’t Use

In the same vein as above, there are bound to be some things you didn’t use during the summer. We almost always buy things with the intent to use them, or else hold onto things thinking we’ll use them again. However, a great many of these items end up taking up space. It’s necessary to take time to assess what we really need and, sometimes, to let things go no matter how much we want to believe we’ll eventually use them. (The fact of the matter is, if you haven’t used it after a few months, you probably won’t ever use it.) If you feel bad about wasting money, remember you can always donate items in good condition to a local charity shop!

Make Your Morning Routine Easier

Mornings are rarely fun for anyone, especially when you’ve got littles in the house. However, you can ease the pain of getting up and getting ready for school by simplifying the morning routine and breaking it down into easy to follow steps. For example, one thing you can do is make sure your kids have quick access to everything they need for important activities like brushing their teeth. If you have kids that share a bathroom or bedroom, you may think about doubling up and using your kids’ labels for school to mark their rinse cups, hairbrushes, or anything else they may tend to squabble over. Likewise, labeling their items and creating a space where it’s easy for them to grab everything they need from their backpacks to their sports gear when it’s time to go will help get them out the door faster!

Our school labels are always a great way to help you and your child get and stay organized! Check out the variety of options we have available today.

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