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Fun and Simple Winter Holiday Activities

With the arrival of winter comes plenty of changes, from a drop in the temperature to a flurry of excitement over the holidays. It’s an incredibly thrilling time of year for our little ones as they get some time off of school. However, this means parents may need to spend some of their own time figuring out how to entertain their little ones during the holiday season. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun winter activities kids can enjoy, and they don’t take too much time and effort to set up, needing only a few tools such as personalized name labels in most cases. 

Winter-Themed Art Activities for Kids

If you have kids who love arts and crafts, there’s no better time to bust out the art supplies! There are plenty of winter-themed arts and crafts your little ones can enjoy during the season. For example, with paper cutouts in various shapes and colors, your children can assemble their own snowman indoors! If you want to mix a little science in with your arts and crafts, you can even try making crystal snowflakes with borax - the recipe is easy to find online. After the art is done, use personalized name labels to mark the items and keep track of every individual’s masterpiece.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors this Winter Season

Summer is usually the season you think about when it comes to outdoor activities, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy time outside in the winter as well! While you might need to bundle up a bit more to ward off the brisk air, there are plenty of fun things to do outdoors during the winter! Snow gives you plenty of opportunities for sledding and building snowmen. However, other fun activities include searching for animal tracks, identifying winter blooming plants and evergreens on walks, and taking photos of your favorite winter scenes. 

Curl Up and Enjoy Some Wintry Reads

When it gets a bit chilly out, sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up with a cup of cocoa and enjoying a good book. If you have young readers who need a little bit of help, you can choose a handful of winter-themed books and put together a night to sit down and enjoy some stories together. Meanwhile, independent readers may want to take a trip to the bookstore or library to find some fun wintry reads. Some great options include Owl Moon by Jane Yolen and Snow by Uri Shulevitz. If you have leftover kids labels for school, you can put them to use on the inside of the book covers so they can take their favorite reads along to share with their friends!

Winter is the perfect time of year to kick back and relax, but there are also plenty of fun things to do requiring little preparation! You can even buy sleepaway camp labels and similar items to help keep everything organized, making it even easier to keep track of all the things you need for wintertime fun. 

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