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Great product

Everything about my labels are super fab! My son enjoys his labels on his things at school.

Combo Clothing Pack
Ellen Martinez
Great labels

Labels were great quality and impressed with how well they’ve been holding up in the wash! Will order more for sure.

Starter School Pack
Meghan Sandonato
Awesome product

This is awesome! So much easier for daycare anndddd stays on in dishwasher and sterilizer! Will definitely order again

Love these labels

This is our 6th pack to order. We stick them on everything!

X-Small Clothing Labels
Tracey Borzick
Exactly what I ordered

I purchased four different sets of labels to gear up for the fall & winter season and all the extra layers that my children will be wearing to school. My labels are exactly what I ordered.

Great labels

They stick forever and look so much more polished then my handwriting would!

Fantastic as Always!

This is my fourth or fifth order. The labels are consistently great! I have used for kids camp and college and now my mom in assisted living.

Camp Pack
Caroline Lubatti

Love them!

Label Away

Fun colourful and actually sticks on even after the dishwasher and laundry.

Great product

The labels look great, and stick on well. My kids were very happy with the designs, too.

Classic Combo Pack
Wendy Macaluso
Great Labels

These labels are perfect for school! I highly recommend them

X-Small Clothing Labels
Bethany Farnsworth
Works well

Labels work well and are very cute


We had a great experience. This is my second time ordering and the labels are the cutest. My girls love them!

Small labels

I love it… very very nice. Thank you

Nice labels

These came just in time. Wanted rocket theme and these did not disappoint.

School Pack
Alison Cesare

I have been ordering these labels for 10 years. They are the best!

MLB Baseball Label Pack
Sabrina Haskell
NY Mets Labels

mets logo is pretty small so its not as fun of a label as i was hoping for but functionality of labels have been good

Builder Kiddie Label Pack
Heather Ridenour
Love it!

This is perfect.

Love these labels!

I’ve been ordering for many years and always pleased with the end results.

Nice labels

Labels are excellent. Took a bit longer for shipping than I expected but once I inquired it was shipped right away! Great product.

Large All Purpose Labels
Suzanne Banning
Always the best quality!

I’ve always ordered my labels from Label Daddy, since the quality really is good and there’s a wide range of designs to choose from. Even now that I don’t live in the States anymore I still like to order these labels! That says it all… :-)

Deluxe School Pack
Amanda Ferrara

I just placed an order for my 4th set of these school labels. They’re great in every way.

At the end of each summer we label the kids’ pencil cases, bookbags, PackIt lunch bags (which spend a lot of time in the freezer), water bottles, coats, and ALL of the sweaters/hoodies/layering pieces they have. I try to remember to label scarves, hats, & mittens when those come out later in the year, too. These labels adhere well to all of the aforementioned items & hold up to lots of wear and tear.

There are some labels on clothes handed down from my oldest to my youngest that have been adhered for 4 (or more) years despite countless washings and significant time spent stored in our hot attic space.

The only time I’ve needed to replace a label that fell off was when an item got stained and I left it to soak in oxiclean & water - that did dissolve the glue. Luckily, with there being so many labels in a pack I was able to remedy the stain and not stress about needing to replace the label. (To be clear, I often will throw a scoop of oxiclean in with a load of laundry and that has never removed a label, only a good long soak in the solution has removed a label).

I’ve found that these, unlike sharpie, can be removed pretty easily with a fingernail when I’m ready to donate or sell old clothes. The clear spot of glue remains (again, if you want that out soak in oxiclean and water) but the part of the label identifying my child’s name removes cleanly.

The only thing thing I might critique about this set is the zipper pull. It is charming looking and a fun idea, but it’s pretty small & just kind of looks like it belongs on my kids’ coats. I’m not sure anyone looking to identify the owner of a coat would notice it.

Zipper Tags
Desiree Cronk
Labels were fantastic!

I love the labels and they are perfect for small kids clothes. They stick and are so cute!
I was very happy with my purchase.
I would highly recommend Label Daddy.

Starter School Pack
Monica Mills

I love them!!

Stickers are great for adults with ADHD too!

I'm a fully grown adult and I've put these stickers with my email/phone number on anything I tend to leave places: jackets, camera, sweatshirts, driver's license, work ID, glasses case, hat, purse, backpacks, water bottles, gloves, bikes... if it leaves the house and it's not attached to my person, it's getting a clothing sticker! They're great if you've got executive function issues and/or ADHD. I've had them on a bunch of items since January and they seem to be surviving a lot of washes. I don't have a dishwasher so I can't vouch for whether they're dishwasher safe. I haven't yet stuck them on tupperware, but hey, we're in a pandemic, it's not like I'm going over to many people's houses or back to work in person yet!