No more mix-ups or lost items.
Licensed MLB labels

Label Daddy offers a variety of all Officially Licensed MLB team logos and you can customize it with your name to create the most fabulous personalized labels that will for sure be a game changer for your player!

100% Dishwasher, Microwave and Laundry Safe

How our labels work

Customize Your Labels.

Peel and Stick Label to Item.

100% Dishwasher, Microwave and Laundry Safe. Wait 24 Hours Before Washing.

Ultra Durable

Microwave safe? Waterproof? That's a yes!

Customiazable Designs

Choose between hundreds of designs, fonts and colors make the label uniquely your own.

Genuine Connection

Let your kid choose their own design, and make their stuff unique and fun!

Save $$

You'll never have to go back and forth to the lost and found with no success. Label your kids stuff, and get a phone call when it's found!