Camp Labels
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Review from one of our wonderful Label Lovers:

Still Love Label Daddy after all these years

Started purchasing Label Daddy labels about 7 ish years ago. Every year I would order a different color for my son's camp clothes. I started noticing that 1 or 2 or 3 years later, when he finally outgrew his clothes, the labels were still attached! Having gone through countless wears, washes and being put into the dryer, label daddy stays on! He would have items of clothing with 3 different colors because they last. I have 2 kids now and after 2-3 years, when I am passing along their clothes to a friend, I have to carefully peel off the label daddy label! Still a fan, will always be a fan! I just ordered 2 packs for my daughter and one pack for my son (might need to label things he takes to college?) -Yvette

  • 2/2