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Free US Shipping On All Label & Decal Orders Over $50.00

Free US Shipping On All Label & Decal Orders Over $50.00

We know you've got questions! Here are your top 5 label questions answered! 

First, watch our brand video! It should answer most of the questions you may have and give you a good laugh! 

 1. What is the laminate add on? 

All of our labels are durable, but if you need that extra little kick..... our laminate is a super thin extra protective layer just in case the labels will be exposed to the harsh elements of summer such as sunscreen, chlorine and bug sprays or any other harsh chemicals! All of our labels are available for this upgrade and are a really good idea if your kiddo is adventurous!

2. Are your labels waterproof?   

Our labels can survive anything! All of our labels are waterproof, dishwasher safe, laundry safe and microwave safe, unless specifically stated on the product page. Be sure to wait 24 hours after applying before exposing the labels to water! 

3. What are the dimensions of each size?

What Label Size is Best? 

Our best sellers are the X-Small Clothing Labels and Small All Purpose Labels. We recommend the X-small for clothing (they fit perfectly on the tag!) Click here for a further breakdown of our labels and what they are best used for.  

What can I use labels for?


Want to keep your little one's belongings coming home from daycare? Label it. Need to keep your kiddos stuff out of the school lost and found? Label it! Organizing your home? Label it! Kids going off to camp? You know the drill! You can never have enough labels!

Still have questions? See our FAQ page or comment below!  

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