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The Top Items Kids are Constantly Losing

Kids constantly lose items, even if those items are important to them. When they get caught up in a particular activity or event they are participating in, they tend to shift their entire focus on it and lose track of their belongings. If you’re getting ready to send your kid to school, be prepared to replace certain items that are easy to lose. Or you could get ahead of the problem with personalized name labels to give them a better chance of finding them and bringing them home. Here are some of the top items kids are constantly losing.

Water Bottles

Every kid needs a fun water bottle to use when they go to school or camp. The problem is every other kid has a water bottle as well, which makes it easier to lose. Even some of the most unique water bottles might be the same as another child’s if the parents shopped at the same store. A great way to combat losing this particular item is with school label stickers or camp label packs that go on the outside of it. So even if your child loses theirs, chances are it won’t end up going home with another kid since it’s labeled appropriately.

Jackets And Coats

Jackets and coats are also common items that kids lose. They hang them up in the closet at school, then they get knocked down accidentally and kicked around on the floor. Most of the time this is purely accidental, but it happens more often than you would think. One of the easiest ways to get your child’s jacket back is by using personalized name labels inside the jacket so even if the other kid that picks up the jacket doesn’t know it doesn’t belong to them, their parents will and can return it.


Using personalized name labels for hats is also valuable since they are easily lost at the park or on the playground. And if your child participates in sports, you know it’s easy for hats to get mixed up during practice or on the day of the event. A simple label on the inside of the hat or under the brim offers a quick way to identify who the hat belongs to.

Folders And Books

Anyone with kids in school knows that folders and books constantly get misplaced or switched around with other students. The homework folder is the most valuable one to keep tabs on so your child doesn’t fall behind in school. Handy school label stickers can be a simple and effective solution to make sure important folders and books make it home at the end of the day.


Believe it or not, kids will sometimes even lose their most favorite toy. If this has happened to you, then you know what kind of scramble takes place to find it once you realize it’s missing. Personalized name labels may be a good solution to help your kids stay organized at home, and you can guide them to help them put their toys in a place where they can find them at all times.

Label Daddy offers unique personalized name labels to help your kids stay as organized as possible. If your kids are constantly losing things, contact us today to see how our labels can help.

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