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keeping kids organized with Personalized Name Labels

At Label Daddy we are all about helping you get organized and making life easier. Labels can also be a huge asset for kids who are learning organization skills and responsibility. You can set them up for success by labeling all the key items that they might lose track of. No matter what your needs are Label Daddy has you covered!

Uniforms, Winter Hats, Coats, and Gloves 

Do your little ones wear a uniform to school? Our personalized name labels for school are going to save you this winter. Do you have siblings that wear similar sizes? Is someone always missing ONE GLOVE? Put our washable labels on all your winter gear and save it from the lost and found.

Lunch Box

Does your child have food allergies? It can be really helpful to put a bright noticeable tag on your child's lunch box to remind everyone at the table. If you’re looking for preschool labels for your child's lunch box, search no more. (Not to mention they are fully customizable and dishwasher safe) Label once and be worry free all year!

Emergency Labels

Keep a sheet of personalized labels at home. Or print an extra copy of your kids school labels for all those random but precious items that only occasionally leave the house. (Like a sleeping bag before a slumber party, or those random items for show and tell.)

Shelf Space

Labels aren’t just for items, they can organize areas of your home or classroom. School labels can also be a great teacher gift to streamline the classroom. You can even print them in the schools colors.

Instrument Cases

Every parent who has invested in a new instrument has probably had a close call of it being left behind somewhere. You can print a label with the parent’s contact information on it. If that brand new clarinet gets left behind at a football game or on a bus, they will know exactly who to call to get it back home.

Sports Equipment

Anytime you have matching uniforms you’re going to have mix-ups. Make sure Junior is coming home with the right equipment bag by tucking a label inside. For younger kids, batting helmets, pads, pants, and even shoes can all be labeled. (Our labels are washing machine safe.)

Water Bottles

Does your child play sports? If so a reusable water bottle is probably with your sports equipment. Water bottles are one of the most commonly mixed up items and one of the fastest ways to spread germs. Make sure your kids are hydrated and hygienic by labeling their water bottles.


Whether you have a toddler or a preteen, shoes have a way of disappearing. Between gym class and after school sports it’s amazing how even after the stroller days are behind you shoes still have a way of ending up lost. Labels can save the day. Pop a label inside and know all the shoes will eventually find their way home without any lingering stops at lost and found.

Diaper Bags

If you have a baby or toddler going to daycare or preschool, labels can be a lifesaver. Everything from the diaper bag, to breast milk, to that special blanket that always needs to be nearby. Label Daddy has you covered.

With Label Daddy this school year is going to be a breeze. Everything will be organized and in it's place. Leaving you with a clean home, organized kids and a load of worry off your mind. What are your favorite uses for labels? Let us know in the comments!

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