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How to Successfully Pack for Summer Camp

Summer camp is an adventure most kids love participating in every year. However, many parents make the mistake of not helping their kids pack everything they need and organizing their belongings accordingly. The result is usually lost items that you have to replace. Packing for summer camp is made easier when you start early and invest in camp label packs. Here are some tips to help your child successfully pack for summer camp this year.

Make A List Of Items To Gather

If this is your child’s first summer camp, then consider asking the camp counselor for a list of necessary items. Or if you know of others who have gone before, check with them for tips and advice. Your child will likely need more shirts than you think, an extra pair or two of shoes, gloves, towels, and many more things. Your instinct as a parent may be to pack more than what they’ll need, but this could make your child anxious at camp when they can’t find what they are looking for. Make your list and gather the items to check them off.

Collect The Belongings And Label Them

Once you have everything for summer camp collected, the next step is to label every item with camp name labels. When you have the right camp name labels, you can stick your kid’s name on their shoes, water bottles, clothes, hats, flashlights, pillows, and anything else on their list to bring. Every single item should have a name label on it if you want it to return home. Otherwise, when kids get busy they tend to misplace items and they end up in another child’s bag.

Pack Efficiently

When you use sleepaway camp labels, you can pack more efficiently. Use things like packing cubes or dividers in your child’s suitcase and label each one accordingly. You can have a section for sleep clothes, a section for shoes, bathroom products, and more. Packing efficiently will take some time but will help them stay organized at camp and not lose things as easily. Just be sure to buy enough camp label packs so you can section things out in the suitcase for them effectively. Your efforts will be rewarded when your child brings back the majority of the items they left with.

Label Daddy loves helping parents prepare their children for summer camp. It’s one of the most important summer activities you can send your child to since they learn many different life skills. You might have to help them pack for their first camp, but then they’ll appreciate the organization with camp name labels and be more willing to help you out next time. Your child will have much more fun if they don’t have to be searching for their swimsuit when it’s time to hit the water at camp. Whether this is your child’s first summer camp or if they’ve been before and you need more tips and advice on how to pack effectively, contact us at any time and we would be happy to help.

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