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Free US Shipping On All Label & Decal Orders Over $65.00

Free US Shipping On All Label & Decal Orders Over $65.00

Applying our wall decals is so easy! Before starting, determine if you have a vinyl or fabric wall decal. If you aren't sure, vinyl decals are sent with transfer tape and an applicator tool!  

Fabric Decals  

1. Wipe down the wall
2. Peel the decal from the backing
3. Place decals in the desired position on the wall. Fabric decals can be removed and reused! 

Vinyl Decals 

1. Wipe down the wall 
2. Slowly peel the backing off of the decal, leaving the transfer tape on the front
3. Place decals in desired position on the wall. If you are working with a larger decal, you may need some assistance. 
4. Starting from the center of the decal, slowly press/scrape in an outward motion using the included applicator tool. This helps push any air bubbles out towards the outer edges. 
5. Slowly peel back a small section of the transfer tape to ensure decal stuck. If the decal is lifting, simply press it down with your fingers. Be sure to pull the transfer tape off slowly and pull the tape towards you. Keep it as flat as possible.
And Voila! While Vinyl decals are removable, they are not reusable. 

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