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If you’re a parent helping your young, adventurous campers prepare for their next adventure, you need labels for camp use.

When considering all the items they need to bring, getting labels for their belongings is a no-brainer; they’re an essential tool for keeping track of your child's things and ensuring they come back with everything they left with.

It’s easy to lose track of things, especially when you’re having fun at camp and surrounded by new distractions. With the right labels, you can help your child keep everything organized and easily identifiable, making their camping trip a whole lot more enjoyable and giving you peace of mind that they’ll return with everything.

In this blog post, we’ll help you learn everything you need to know about labels for camp. 

What Should I Label?

Your kid is probably bringing a lot of items with them to camp, so you should label the things that you don’t want them to lose. Here are some items you should consider labeling:

Clothing: This includes everything from shirts and pants to socks and underwear. Clothing can easily get mixed up with other campers' clothing, so labeling clothes is an easy way to keep track of them.

Bedding: Whether your child is bringing a sleeping bag or sheets and a pillow, labeling their bedding is important. It's easy for bedding to get misplaced or mixed up with someone else's, and a label can ensure it makes its way back to your child by the end of camp.

Towels: What’s camp without a pool? Most campers bring towels along for swimming or showering. However, towels are one of the most misplaced items at camp. Make sure to label them, so they don't accidentally get used by someone else or left behind.

Water Bottles: Hydration is key when spending time outdoors, so your child will likely be bringing a water bottle. Labels for bottles are a necessity for sure.

Electronics: If your child is planning on bringing any electronics, like their phone or tablet, make sure to put a label on them. You don’t want them to accidentally swap electronics with someone else at camp.

These are just some of the things that you might want to label. Look through your child’s belongings and make sure you label everything that you don’t want to get lost. Get labels for bottles, clothes, phones, and anything else you think should have one!

What Should I Use to Label?

Now that you know what to label, how should you label those items? It may be tempting to use a piece of tape and a marker, but if you remember how crazy camp would get when you were a kid, you know you’ll need a label that can handle anything thrown its way. 

So what kind of label should you use? Well, it’s important to use labels that are waterproof, dishwasher safe, laundry safe, and even microwave safe. If you label plastic dishes for their camp, you don’t want those labels melting off in a microwave.

Get high-quality labels made from materials that can withstand the elements. This will help ensure that your child's gear stays properly labeled throughout their camping adventure.

What Should Go on the Labels?

When it comes to designing your labels for camp, it's important to include key information that will help identify your child's belongings. You’ll almost always want your child's name on the label, and in some cases, you’ll want a phone number where you can be reached in case their belongings are lost and found.

If you have the information beforehand, it could also be helpful to add your child’s cabin or bunk number, as this can help camp staff easily return lost items to their rightful owner. 

For younger kids with allergies, you might also want to consider adding allergy labels to their clothing to alert camp staff and other campers. Allergy labels for kids can be especially helpful for food allergies, which can potentially be life-threatening. A clear label will help camp staff take the necessary precautions to ensure your child's safety. 

As far as the look of the labels goes, have fun and get custom labels. The labels you pick should connect with your child. There are a lot of label designs that can be customized to your child's interests and hobbies. Custom labels can help personalize their belongings while also ensuring the item’s safe arrival home.

Applying Your Labels

We recommend that high-quality labels be applied by an adult or under adult supervision to make sure they stay on. To ensure your labels work as expected, make sure you have the correct size label for your intended use.

For clothing labels, we suggest applying them to the garment's care tag. If there isn’t a care tag, apply the label to the garment's brand imprint, which is the stamped area where the company provides its logo or care information.

We advise against applying labels directly to fabric, as it may not provide a strong enough surface for the adhesive to bond properly. To get the best results, apply a lot of pressure with your thumb or squeeze them between your fingers.

When using labels for bottles and other hard goods, just stick the label to a clean, dry surface and work out any bubbles you find.

With these tips and tricks, your labels will stay put and keep your child's belongings safe and organized throughout their camp experience.

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