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5 Reasons Sleep Away Camp Is an Awesome Experience for Kids

Sleep away camp is an awesome experience for kids. In fact it might be one of the most memorable and influential experiences your child has. Summer camp can be invaluable in your child’s social development as well as their personal growth. Keep reading to find out why camp is so vital.

It Encourages Independence

When your child goes to sleep-away camp they don’t have mom and dad supervising their every move. They have fewer boundaries. Which also means they take on more responsibility for taking care of themselves and their belongings. Label Daddy can help your child stay organized with our personalized items, such as beach towels and laundry bags, setting your child up for success.

They Forge Deeper Social Connections

Summer Camp is a time for bonding, storytelling and shared experiences. Often the bonds formed at summer camp last through adulthood. There are unique problems to solve and opportunities to work together, there are new things to experience, and late nights stayed up talking and laughing.

It Builds Resilience

Often sleep-away camp is the longest amount of time a child has spent away from their parents. Although there will be staff members to ensure the safety of your child at all times, all that time in nature allows your child to face and overcome new and unique problems. Some camps are geared toward developing new skills, which can help develop self confidence and deeper levels of resilience.

Improves Problem Solving

Not having a mom or dad to step in and help encourages kids to solve their own problems. This can improve their communication skills and their social skills. Many camps are focused on developing new skills, and many parents find that the kid they pick up at the end of summer is more emotionally mature and independent then the child they dropped off.

It Makes Memories for a Lifetime

Sleepaway camp is full of sensational moments. Sitting under the stars, going on adventures, and creating memories for a lifetime. Check out our personalized journals and consider buying one for your camper. Give them a place to jot down those sweet memories while they are fresh in their minds. (Or a place to jot down names and numbers of new friends).

Summer camp is one of the ultimate childhood experiences. Label Daddy wants every kid to have the best summer ever, that’s why we’ve developed an entire product line just for summer camp. Check it out and stock up on all your summer essentials and tag us on Instagram with your gear!

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