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3 Ways Kids Can Prepare for Summer Camp

3 Ways Kids Can Prepare for Summer Camp

If your child is nervous or hesitant about going to summer camp, getting them involved with the preparation and packing can help their mentality. You could order them some camp labels to stick on various items, ask them to pick out certain clothes, water bottles, and other items they will need. Kids often thrive when given some responsibility, and here are a few ways they can take responsibility while preparing for summer camp.

Help Pack Their Bags

Instead of packing your child’s bags for them, allow them to do it with some guidance. The fulfillment they will receive by packing their own bags means a lot to them. And as a bonus, they will know where everything is in their bag so it’s easier to find when they need it at camp, especially if you use camp name labels. And if you are using camp name labels, consider including a few extra camp label packs for them just in case they receive additional items from the camp counselors that they want their name to be on.

Take Responsibility At Home

In the weeks leading up to camp, consider giving your child additional responsibilities to tackle on their own. Since they will be without you at summer camp, they need to practice being independent. This could be anything from brushing their teeth to taking out the trash, cleaning up after themselves, or even simply hanging up their towel after taking a bath. They won’t have you to pick up after them at camp, so if they learn how to do these things at home then the camp experience won’t be a shock to them.

Talk To Friends Who Have Been To Camp Before

Children who are nervous about camp often feel better after talking to another friend who has been there before. The fear of the unknown is present in some kids, so highlighting the many fun activities they will be participating in is important to help them prepare.

Label Daddy offers fun ways to allow kids to be involved with packing their summer camp bags. Camp label packs are so versatile and easy to use that it’s hard to imagine sending your child to camp without them. See what they are all about by checking out our website, or contact us if you have any questions.

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