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Frequently Asked Questions.

New to Label Daddy? We created our products with you, the parents, in mind! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

  • What is the Add-On Laminate for Labels?

    Our lamination option is a thin transparent layer that we apply to the labels after they are printed to help protect the print from any abrasion, detergents, or chemicals the label comes in contact with. This added layer of protection will ensure your labels will stay looking vibrant for years to come.

    The lamination option is included on our Camp Pack, School Pack and other selected packs (check the product descriptions for more information).

  • What can I put my Label Daddy Labels on?

    Label Daddy labels will stick to any hard surfaces and some soft surfaces like: leather on a baseball glove, a dog leash or a diaper bag. Our stick on clothing labels can be applied to garment/care tags, as well as any hard surface like our other labels!

    WARNING: Do not apply labels directly to skin, hair, fur, or any other part of a person or animal. The adhesive is strong and can cause injury.

  • Are your Labels still dishwasher, laundry and microwave safe?

    All Label Daddy Labels are dishwasher, laundry, and microwave safe, unless specifically noted on the product page. However, we highly recommend our lamination option for labels that will be exposed to a lot of abrasion, repeated washing, strong detergents, sunscreens, and other chemicals.