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School Pack

7 sizes- 132 labels plus 4 zipper tags / $50.00 (USD)
Everything youll need to head back to school! Our School Pack is loaded with labels... lots of sizes too! Over 130 labels, 7 different sizes and also includes our newest creation... the zipper tag! Youll receive 4 Zipper Tags in each pack!

Warning: Zipper tags are for tagging/labeling your garment, they are not intended to be used as a pull!! Pulling and tugging on the zipper tag instead of actual garment zipper may result in broken or lost tag.
Pack Includes:

45 Extra Small
30 Small
20 Medium
10 Large
18 Mini Shoe
8 Shoe
1 Bag Tag
4 Zipper Tags

School Pack Helpful Tips Video
Create your Label
Create your Label
School Pack
 *The preview above MAY NOT BE FINAL LAYOUT. Spacing, alignment, stacked text, single line...all depend on the font chosen, the letters in the name and the number of characters. We will make sure your labels look even better than the preview you see! Happy labeling!
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