Where did all the snow go?

January 17, 2012

Last year, on this date, 15-20 inches of snow fell from the sky. The picture in the post is my yard on 1/12/11. This storm came after we were in the midst of recovering from the Christmas Eve storm that would snow us in on Christmas day. My family enjoyed the rare white Christmas. All that  snow took us a bit by surprise last year so this year I was going to be smarter, and well prepared. Snow clothes and sleds have been purchased (see last weeks article), snow shovels are out of the shed and bags of salt have been stockpiled. I even picked up some powdered milk “just in case” we run low. We go through two gallons of milk every few days and when hurricane Irene was on its way to our area back in Augustof this year, the stores actually ran out of milk so I was not taking any chances. I am set. I am ready. I am waiting.

Not one flake has fallen here. Not one. This past weekend it was in the 60’s!  We went to the park without coats and were warm in the sun. This is not a typical January in New York. Not that I am complaining. I can get used to this. Preparing to leave the house with two kids in the dead of winter is not fun. I have to allow at least 30 minutes to chase my boys down and practically sit on them to while I apply winter gear to their squirmy, surprisingly strong little bodies. Sometimes by the time I get the second one dressed, kid number one is partially undressed. It never ends!  Summer and Spring are so much easier. No coats, no socks, slip on your shoes and out the door we go!

I do miss the idea of snow and how much fun it can be to play in but I secretly hope the snow stays away just a little while longer, if not for good. Does this make me a mean mommy? Perhaps. Maybe I will go bake a batch of cookies just in case.

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