New Year: What Does That Mean To You?

January 5, 2012
I cannot believe that it is 2012 already. I feel so behind in my life as it is, then starts all talk of with New Year’s resolutions.  Change this, be more, clean up that. What are the  messages of New Year’s resolutions supposed to be telling me. .  It is a new year and all we are supposed to focus on is fixing our shortcomings. I get it.  I am a screw up.  How is that a bright New Year or a happy new day?New year's resolutions
I think this is totally the wrong approach to take with New Year’s.  It is a new day, a new calendar and so many new possibilities.  Let us not rob ourselves of the joy and wonder a new year brings us.  So instead of all our faults let us look at things slightly differently. Instead of saying I am such a slob and this is the year I clean my drawers.  Instead of saying I am so fat and this is the year I finally lose weight.  Instead of saying I am so disorganized and this is the year I stop living of the slob.  Turn that thinking on its head!

This is the year I am going to get to enjoy my home!  One way to do that is to piece by piece rid myself of excess things and organize what I keep. For my and my families enjoyment alone.

This year I am going to enjoy life!  I am going to roll around with my kids.  I am going to enjoy the world where ever I am  and I am to look fabulous doing it! If along the way that means I lose some weight and get some exercise all the better! If that means that I can enjoy rolling around with the kids by purposely exercising, even better. It might mean I need some more fabulous clothes for me.

Do not be a slave to the New Year’s resolution.  Do not look at a New Year’s resolution as a way to fix yourself!  You are pretty spectacular the way you . Look at a new year with new possibilities and how you want to achieve them!

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