5 Great Things About Spring Rain

March 21, 2012

Check out those dark clouds!

I am in Central California and it seems as if every year we get some gorgeous spring weather then we are deluged with rain. It would be easy to allow the change in to really crash your spirits. But there are so many upsides to spring rain!

1) In spring rain it is warm enough that you can take the kids outside to splash in the puddles only a couple hours after the rain ends!

2) We all know how I am inherently tortured by spring (remember The Dark Side of Spring;) but a strong spring rain chases away all that mean pollen!

3) Spring rain is a great excuse to have a couch day! Nothing but movies and cuddling with the kids and the husband;). It is a great time to watch the new Sherlock series if it is just the grown ups or Thor for the whole family!

4) This is your last opportunity for soup and cocoa!!!! You know how you always find that great soup recipe right after soup season? Well pull it out and try it! Or if you don’t have a recipe you have been dying to try, give my Zuppa Toscana knock off a try! It is the bees knees if I humbly say so myself;).

5) It softens the ground so it is a perfect time to work on and plant your garden! You can very easily turn over the soil. That means it is easy to add amendments like peat and fertilizers. It also means that your transplants are well watered and have better chance of rooting well. I am aiming for planting zucchini and tomatoes this next weekend.

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